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06, 2020
Characteristics of the Film Blowing Machine Screw
The screw of the film blowing machine has several notable features. It has a high length-to-diameter ratio, which ensures a strong plasticizing capacity. The machine also has an even temperature distr...
01, 2020
The Function of Plastic Wrap of Film Blowing Machine
The film blowing machine produces a unique plastic film using advanced technology, which helps prolong the life of fruits and vegetables. This plastic wrap is made from a nearly transparent nylon film...
01, 2020
What are the Optional Equipment of the Film Blowing Machine?
An automatic high-speed bag making machine uses HDPE and LDPE tube film as raw materials to produce printed and natural color vest bags. It operates under PLC control, with double servo (stepping) mot...
12, 2019
Commercialization is an Important Feature of Film Blowing Machines
Why is commercialization a crucial aspect of film blowing machines? Allow me to explain.In the current economic landscape, commercialization is a key aspect of product manufacturing and processing. In...
12, 2019
Why Does the Film Blown out by the Film Blowing Machine Have a Peculiar Smell?
A film blowing machine is a device that transforms plastic granules into a film by melting and blowing them.This machine is ideal for creating high-quality film packaging for various applications. The...
11, 2019
Disadvantages of the Traditional Roll Changing Mechanism of Film Blowing Machines
The conventional winding mechanism of the film blowing machine consists of a turntable device, a length measuring device, and a double-station winding machine, among other components. Allow me to high...
10, 2019
High-end Development is the Development Trend that Film Blowing Machines Must Face
Currently, the market is dominated by plastic and paper packaging, with the demand for these materials increasing at a significant rate each year. To meet this growing market demand, it’s crucial to ...
10, 2019
Film Blowing Machine Blowing Film Process
The film blowing process involves the following steps: feeding from the hopper → plasticizing and extruding the material → blowing and pulling the film → cooling with an air ring → using a herring...
10, 2019
Recycling Old Plastics is an Important Step in the Development of New Renewable Energy in Our Country
The plastic industry should responsibly recycle used plastics. Recycling these materials can minimize resource wastage, somewhat alleviate resource scarcity, and lessen the environmental damage caused...
09, 2019
Energy Saving Advantages of Film Blowing Machines
As we progress towards new industrialization, there is a growing demand in both domestic and international markets for highly intelligent and automated film blowing machines. Such advanced machinery c...