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Gravure Printing Machine

This versatile unit is designed to handle a wide range of materials, making it suitable for OPP (Oriented Polypropylene), CPP (Cast Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and other soft film materials. It can also process paper, aluminum foil, and other drum materials. Whether you’re working with flexible packaging films, durable paper products, or heat-resistant aluminum foils, this unit can accommodate your needs. Its ability to handle a variety of materials makes it a valuable asset for businesses in industries ranging from packaging to manufacturing.

Features of Gravure Printing Machine

Features of Gravure Printing Machine
  • Configure the computer automatic color matching system for accurate color matching.

  • Automatic deviation correction.

  • The use of magnetic powder brake, magnetic powder clutch, torque motor, constant tension control.

  • The feeding shaft adopts air rising shaft, with convenient loading and unloading operation.

  • According to the requirements, can use 3 motor synchronization or 7 motor synchronization.

Specification of Gravure Printing Machine



Printing length

100-900mm( customizable)

Printing width

800mm( customizable)

Print the highest speed

60 -70 m/min

Version accuracy

± 0 .25mm

Host power

2.2 kw level 6

Fan power


Electric heat power


printing diameter (mm)


Volume material diameter ( mm)


Plate lateral adjustment rate


Minimum pressure of machine


0 .6(Pa)

outline dimension


This machine is suitable for PE, BOPP, PET, CPP, PVGD and the same properties of the combined film, paper

and other characteristics

Main drive system, frequency conversion motor, dynamic speed and slow speed control control.

Using the combination type, to achieve the single- sided multi- color continuous printing

Using a double- torque motor for feed collection, .

The drying system adopts drying channel, single drying channel far infrared heating pipe drying, oven

temperature adjustment and automatic temperature control,

Scrscraper pressure, high parallelism, arbitrary speed transverse to repeated movement

The material collection and roll release mechanism shall adopt hand pressure or pneumatic movement.

Rubber boost using transmission mode, printing plate longitudinal 3 6 0 degrees arbitrary adjustment, lateral

adjustment of 3 0 mm.

Use the magnetic powder brake

Videos of Gravure Printing Machine

Videos of Gravure Printing Machine


1. The gravure printing press can be used together with the film blower joint

2. Can also be used separately! Easy to use

You can add colors according to the printed color of the product. Can do up to 1-12 colors can be the speed can be customized according to the requirements can do computer gravure printing press high yield and more accurate. (Customized equipment as required)

Include the positioning system, registration control system, cleaning system and drying system and other auxiliary equipment.

1. Ink supply system: it is responsible for supplying the ink to the concave plate used in the printing process, including the ink groove, ink roller and scraper components, to ensure that the appropriate amount of ink is transmitted to the groove of the concave plate.

2. Plate: It is a key part of the printing process. It is a metal or polymer plate with grooves, and the shape and depth of the grooves determine the final printed pattern or text.

3. Printing roller: the parts that transfer the ink from the concave plate to the printing material, through the contact with the concave plate, to transfer the ink from the groove, and evenly spread on the printing material.

4. Scratcher: used to scrape the excess ink on the surface of the concave plate, only retain the ink in the groove, usually made of rubber or plastic, to ensure the smoothness of the concave plate surface and the accurate delivery of the ink.

5. Transmission system: responsible for sending printing materials from the feeding end into the printing press, and then removed from the discharging end after the printing process, including feeding device, tensioning device, guide device and rewinding device, etc.

In addition, the gravure printing press may also include auxiliary equipment such as positioning system, registration control system, cleaning system and drying system to improve the quality and production efficiency of the printed matter. The configuration and function of these components may vary by model of the gravure press, but overall they work together to achieve the process of gravure printing.‌

Operating Steps
Operating Steps of Gravure Printing Machine


1. Ensure that the surrounding environment of the printing press is clean, free of dust, garbage and other sundries, and the ventilation and exhaust facilities are in good condition.

2. Check whether the raw and auxiliary materials are fully prepared and meet the printing requirements, especially the printing requirements of plastic film pending substrate film to meet the specific requirements, such as smooth and smooth surface, average thickness error, elongation, surface tension, etc.

3. Check the quality of the roll, pay attention to the roll of the latter set of colors should be slightly greater than the previous color, and check the pattern and color mark of the roll.

4. Check whether each part of the press machine is stuck, the lubricating part is injected with lubricating oil, the oil circuit is smooth, and the instruments are intact.

5. Mix the ink, choose the same primary color ink as the sample color mark.

Operating Processes

1. Put the gravure to be printed into the machine and adjust its position to fit correctly.

2. Set the corresponding color and printing pressure according to the print or text that needs to be printed.

3. Official printing can be started only after the proofing is confirmed that the printing effect meets the requirements.

4. Start the printing press to keep your attention focused and ensure that no abnormal situation occurs during the printing process.

5. Check the printing quality regularly, timely adjust the working state of the printing press, and keep the printing effect excellent.

Cleaning and maintenance

1. Turn off the press and cut off the power, clean the surface and internal debris of the press.

2. Clean the printing parts of the printing plate and the printing press to ensure that there is no debris and dirt.

3. Lubricate and maintain all parts of the printing press to ensure the normal operation of the printing press.

4. Properly store the consumables and raw materials of the printing press to ensure the next use.

Through the operation of the above steps, the operator can ensure the normal operation of the plastic press press and obtain high quality printing effect.

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