garbage bag machine

Folded Garbage Bag Machine

This folded garbage bag manufacturing machine is specially designed for the flat pocket and the vest bag double machine. Using computer control, step (servo) fixed length system to make the sealing size error small. Device electrical eye tracks the pattern position of the printed bag. Can choose the computer numerical control to ad.

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Features of Folded Garbage Bag Machine

Features of Folded Garbage Bag Machine

The machine can be used to pull rope garbage bags, draw rope and roll garbage bags, garbage bags, etc., all the processes are completed at one time.

  • simplicity of operator

  • Stable performance

  • High yield and low consumption

Specification of Folded Garbage Bag Machine

Bag making width


Bag making length


Bag making speed

80-150 PCS/min

Main technical parameters:

The whole machine is a 10mm steel plate body.

Machine maincontroller

Single-channel PC box control

Power of main motor

1.5kw AC motor with 10 speed reducer

Active feeding motor control

0.75kw220v Huichuan frequency conversion control, linear potentiometer adjustment speed (analog quantity)

Discharge downtime control

Panasonic, Japan, iv. v

Passive feeding motor control

0.75kw220v Huichuan frequency conversion control, Omron approach switch adjustment speed (switch volume)

Fringe part:

Correction of deviation (before)

Type 250 Chongqing Enrui Si deviation correction machine

Correction of deviation (after)

Type 700 Chongqing Enrui Si deviation correction machine

Traction part:

Winding controller

PLC and supporting touch screen control, 24V power supply for Taiwan Mingyang switch power supply

Winding motor power

750w AC motor two

Winding motor controller

Huichuan frequency conversion control,the Omron approach switch adjustment start-stop.

Electrical configuration of the equipment:

Contact brand: Schneider

Intermediate relay brand: Schneider

The power of the machine

About 12kw

The weight of the machine


Machine size

10.5*2.5*1.75m (length * width * height)

Video of Folded Garbage Bag Machine

Video of Folded Garbage Bag Machine

A cord bag machine is a device used to quickly make plastic bags or paper bags with cord seals. The use process is roughly as follows:

Prepare materials: Make sure you have the right material for the bag-making machine, which is usually plastic film or paper, choosing the right thickness and size as needed.

Loading materials: place the material roll on the material rack of the bag-making machine to ensure that the material is flat and wrinkle-free.

Adjust settings: adjust the cutting and sealing device of the bag machine according to the size of the required bag.

Start the machine: open the bag-making machine and let the machine preheat to the operating temperature.

Form the bag: The material passes through the rollers and molds of the bag maker to form the basic shape of the bag.

Seal and drawstring: Heat seal at the bottom of the bag to form a sealing strip. Then, the bag material on both sides of the bag is folded inward through the rope extraction mechanism, and fixed to the sealing strip to form a rope extraction opening.

Cutting and collecting: The bag is cut through the cutting device to form a single bag. The cut bag falls into the collection area or conveyor belt for subsequent processing.

Adjustment and maintenance: During use, regularly check and adjust the machine settings to ensure that the bag size and seal quality meet the requirements. At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the machine to extend the service life.

When using the rope bag machine, attention should be paid to the safety operation procedures to avoid accidents such as pinching or scalding.

Operating Steps
Operating Steps of Folded Garbage Bag Machine


1. Confirm the power supply voltage required by the machine and connect to the power supply.

2. Raw materials required for installation (generally plastic film roll and rope).

3. Place the coil device on the machine as required.

Turn on the machine

1. Start the switch and enter the system page.

2. Click the "Start" button on the operating system page and wait for the initialization of the machine.

3. Confirm that there is no abnormal situation in the machine operation interface, and enter the operation steps.

Operating steps

1. Put the plastic film roll to be processed on the coil device and tighten it.

2. Adjust the opening and closing degree on the coil device, so that the plastic film has enough tension.

3. Insert the rope into the rope system and adjust the tension of the rope piercing system.

4. Set the parameters such as length, width and quantity of bag making, and click the "Start" button to start bag making.

5. Monitor the control bag process, and stop the machine immediately in case of any abnormal situation.


1. Do not use unqualified or nonconforming raw materials to make bags.

2. Pay attention to the display and alarm information of the machine operation interface, and stop for checking immediately in case of abnormal situation.

3. Clean and maintain the machinery and equipment regularly to ensure the normal use of the equipment.


This guide dives into operating a rope bag machine effectively. By understanding the proper use and implementing regular maintenance, you'll ensure smooth operation, maximize production efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Applications of Garbage Bag Making Machine

Household Waste Collection: Garbage bag making machines are used to produce the plastic bags commonly used for household waste collection. These bags come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different types of waste and bin sizes.

Municipal Waste Management: Municipalities and local governments utilize garbage bags for curbside collection programs and waste disposal services. The bags help streamline the collection process and keep the streets clean by containing and transporting household waste to landfill sites or recycling facilities.

Commercial and Industrial Waste: Garbage bags produced by these machines are also used in commercial and industrial settings for collecting and disposing of non-hazardous waste generated by businesses, offices, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities, garbage bags play a crucial role in the safe disposal of medical waste, such as used gloves, gowns, bandages, and other disposable items. These bags are often color-coded and labeled to comply with medical waste regulations and standards.

Janitorial and Cleaning Services: Janitorial companies and cleaning services use garbage bags for collecting and disposing of trash, debris, and recyclable materials from commercial and residential properties. These bags help maintain cleanliness and hygiene in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Retail and Hospitality Industry: Retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants utilize garbage bags for waste management and sanitation purposes. These bags are used in trash bins, garbage cans, and waste receptacles located throughout the premises to facilitate the collection and disposal of waste generated by customers and employees.

Construction and Demolition Sites: Garbage bags are commonly used on construction sites and demolition sites for collecting construction debris, rubble, and waste materials. Heavy-duty garbage bags are required to withstand the weight and sharp edges of construction waste.

Landscaping and Outdoor Events: Landscaping companies and outdoor event organizers use garbage bags for collecting yard waste, grass clippings, leaves, and other organic materials. These bags are also used at outdoor events, festivals, and concerts to facilitate waste disposal and recycling efforts.

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