mini plastic recycling machine
small plastic recycling machine

Small Plastic Recycling Machine

Golead Small plastic recycling machine consists of the following components: traction mechanism, extrusion mechanism, grain cutter structure, and feeding-cooling mechanism.

How it works:

1, and film machine linkage: film machine in the film process, the film material immediately sent to the granmachine traction mechanism, extrusion mechanism will edge half melt after extrusion to the mold, the cutter structure into uniform particles after feeding cooling mechanism inhalation and such as cooling pipe, eventually to the customer collection device, complete the waste recycling.

2, for the cutting machine: the cut edge material, orderly roll on the paper core, into the roll sent to granulation for granulation.

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Features of Small Plastic Recycling Machine

Features of Small Plastic Recycling Machine

Small plastic recycling machine design has good reliability and stability, the host adopts famous brand frequency converter speed regulation, energy saving, conducive to environmental protection, simple structure, high degree of automation, at room temperature on the film material (bulk material) extrusion granulation, grain cutting, cooling. Will not change its chemical composition, especially for PE film, PVC film, PO film, waterproof material (polypropylene) and other materials granulation recycling, can solve the manufacturers of edge material accumulation, edge sheet online granulation and other problems, can produce good economic benefits.

Specification of Small Plastic Recycling Machine

Machine capcity



Production ability



Main motor power



Water adding device



Heating power



Spindle speed



Machine Size



Video of Small Plastic Recycling Machine

Video of Small Plastic Recycling Machine

Tip: The model product of this machine can be customized! Production capacity: 180 kg-500 kg can be customized according to your requirements

GL-180L chemical fiber high-speed granulation machine is a kind of waste thermoplastic film and wall thickness of less than 2 mm products directly granulation equipment, it can be soft PVC, high and low pressure polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and other thermoplastic waste products or film, can also for foam polystyrene waste products.

After the waste material is put into the machine pot, Through the shear action of the rotating and fixed blades, Make the material quickly cut into pieces, The chopped materials or pieces flow along the wall of the pot under the centrifugal force of the cutter plate, At the same time, the grouting material turns up and down, Move from all directions to the center of the pot, Due to the friction between the material itself and the friction between the pot and the wall and blade, Make the material temperature rise rapidly to a semimplasticizing state, Added to each other into small pieces, Before the material will block, Spray all prepared quantitative water into the material, Cold water meets a hot material, Rapid gasification, Take away the material surface heat, This makes the material surface sharply cooling to prevent agglomeration, Then turn the blade and the blade to cut it into particles (irregular size of the grain). In the chopping process, appropriate pigments can be added as needed.

The grain made by this machine can be directly used by extruder and injector. For the products with strict requirements, it can also be plasticized by extrusion granulator and then used after granulation.

This machine applies advanced technology, the use of multi-knife rapid crushing, continuous mixing, mixing, friction and heating, rapid cooling and contraction principle, the plastic film, silk, belt, piece, soft plastic pipe, foam material, degradation material and other waste and scrap particles into reproduction, is the latest plastic recycling granulation ideal equipment.

major function:

1, the recycling of soft plastic film, bags, wire, low density and tape, and PVC, low density polyethylene, tape, polyethylene, waste and waste material, put into production.

2, the degradable plastic film and horn material crushing, granulation, recycling and reproduction.

3. Crushing, granulation of chemical fiber materials (polyester, clear fiber, polypropylene, etc.), and recycling of waste wire treatment.

4, one machine is multi-purpose. Instead of a mixer or a dryer.

main features:

A: Smashing, mixing and coloring all at once

B: The machine covers a small area

C: Simple in mechanical structure and easy to operate

D: The blade gap is adjustable and convenient

E: High production efficiency and low energy consumption

F: low temperature granulation, basically does not damage the molecular structure of the raw material, does not damage the physical properties

Operating Steps
Operating Steps Of Small Plastic Recycling Machine

Preparation before starting up

Set the parameters of the temperature control table according to the process requirements to ensure that the temperature reaches the set value.

Check the working condition of solenoid valve and temperature controller.

Start the main oil pump, adjust the button to rotate the host, and open the feed button after reaching a certain speed.

Start the water circulation system and the stainless steel tank cooling water circulation system, and start the cutter and air dryer simultaneously.

After the main engine runs stably, open the vacuum pump water inlet valve, and observe the state in the tank through the exhaust port to ensure that there is no material leakage phenomenon.

Notes during the operation process

In the first use of film granulator, it needs to heat up for about 40 to 50 minutes, until pulling the motor triangle belt by hand until freely.

According to the different properties of the plastic to adjust the different temperature, keep the machine temperature stable, to avoid the high and low.

The feed should be uniform, can not appear lack of material phenomenon, the machine feeding speed and feeding speed should be appropriate to ensure the quality and yield of particles.

Stop operation

When stopping, the main engine should completely cut off the power supply, the head wire blocking (with wrench) must be removed, and should be preheated separately before the next use.

Through the above steps, the normal use of the film granulator can be ensured, thus ensuring the production efficiency and product quality.

Applications Of Mini Plastic Recycling Machine

Household Recycling: Mini plastic recycling machines can be ideal for households or small communities to recycle their plastic waste on-site. This promotes a culture of recycling at the grassroots level and reduces the amount of plastic ending up in landfills or the environment.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can use mini plastic recycling machines for educational purposes. Students can learn about recycling processes, environmental conservation, and sustainable practices through hands-on experience with the machine.

Small Businesses: Small businesses that generate plastic waste as part of their operations, such as cafes, restaurants, or small-scale manufacturing units, can benefit from a mini plastic recycling machine. They can recycle their own plastic waste and even use the recycled material for product packaging or other purposes.

Community Centers: Community centers, recreational facilities, or local government offices can install mini plastic recycling machines to encourage community members to recycle plastic waste. This can help in creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment within the community.

Mobile Recycling Units: Mini plastic recycling machines can be designed as mobile units, making them suitable for events, festivals, or disaster relief efforts. These mobile units can travel to different locations and provide on-the-spot recycling services, helping to manage plastic waste in temporary or remote settings.

Art and Design Studios: Artists, designers, and makers can use recycled plastic materials produced by mini recycling machines in their creative projects. This promotes the concept of upcycling and gives a new life to discarded plastic items.

Research and Development: Research institutions or laboratories can use mini plastic recycling machines for experimental purposes, such as studying different recycling techniques, testing new materials, or developing more efficient recycling processes.

Prototype Development: Startups or innovators working on new recycling technologies or products can use mini plastic recycling machines for prototyping and testing their ideas in a smaller scale before scaling up for commercial production.

Mini plastic recycling machines offer versatile solutions for recycling plastic waste in various settings, contributing to environmental sustainability and resource conservation.

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