Technical Help

1. Equipment installation and commissioning guidance: We will provide detailed equipment installation and commissioning guidance, to ensure that the equipment can operate normally, and achieve the best performance and results.

2. Operation training and use guidance: We will provide you with equipment operation training and use guidance, help you get familiar with the function and operation process of the equipment, and improve work efficiency.

3. Troubleshooting and maintenance guidance: In the event of any failure or abnormality of the equipment, our technical support team will assist you in troubleshooting and provide corresponding maintenance guidance to ensure that the equipment can return to normal operation as soon as possible.

4. Remote support and field services: We provide remote technical support services, helping you to solve problems in equipment use through telephone, email or online communication tools. If necessary, we can also provide on-site technical support services to timely deal with equipment faults and maintenance needs.

After-sale Service

Professional sales personnel to introduce the machine product knowledge, application and matters needing attention. After-sales service technicians and sales personnel one to one to guide the operation of the machine and matters needing attention. If necessary, engineers can be sent to foreign customer factories for on-site training and guidance.Or, remote instruction instruction, we will provide the instruction manual.

Warranty Policy

One year free warranty from the date you purchase the equipment. During the warranty period, if the equipment is non-human damaged or manufacturing defects, we will provide free repair or replacement parts. If the equipment fails, please contact our after-sales service department in time, provide relevant purchase information and fault description, and cooperate with our staff for troubleshooting or identification. Depending on the extent and cause of the failure, we will provide you with the appropriate repair or replacement service. In order to ensure your rights and interests, we ask you to carefully read and comply with the use and maintenance requirements in the product instructions when purchasing mechanical equipment. If the equipment fails, do not disassemble, repair or replace the parts privately, so as not to affect the validity of the warranty.

Shipping Info

You can choose the appropriate delivery method, such as EMS Express, TNT Express, DHL Express, FOB, CIF, EXW etc., fill in the relevant information and inform us, we will provide a full range of logistics solutions according to the information you give, at the same time, and supervise the whole process to ensure that you can timely understand the transportation status. If we encounter any problems during the transportation process, we will immediately take measures to ensure the smooth delivery of the equipment.

Research & Development

Our company specializes in the production of a variety of plastic machinery and equipment, has formed plastic machinery, printing machine production line several series of products have reached more than 50 varieties, blowing machine to develop high-end technology, blowing film can also be used as food preservation and other application technologies, take the road of new blowing film machinery manufacturing. Strong technical force, sophisticated processing equipment, testing means are complete.