courier bag making machine
courier bag machine

Courier Bag Machine

Courier bag machine is specifically designed for the production of PE (Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene) bone bags. These materials are known for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to moisture, making them ideal for packaging applications. Whether you’re producing bone bags for food packaging, medical supplies, or other industries, this machine ensures a high-quality, consistent output. Its robust design and user-friendly operation make it a reliable and efficient choice for businesses looking to streamline their production process and enhance product quality.

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Features of Courier Bag Machine

Features of Courier Bag Machine
  • The whole machine using microcomputer control, servo or stepping motor fixed length.

  • Any fixed length, step length photoelectric tracking, accurate, stable, automatic shutdown of mark loss.

  • Automatic counting and can set the count alarm.

  • Automatic constant temperature, so that the bag mouth sealing firmly and flat.

  • No printing can be made at the same time double, belt sent out.

Specification of Courier Bag Machine





Types of products produced

Garbage bag jewelry bag self-sealing bag food bag, clothing bag, daily chemical product bag

Bag making speed


Motor power (output)


Bag length


Bag width


After-sale service

Quality for a year

Whether the cross-border export specialty


Mean power


Knife wide


Video of Courier Bag Machine

Video of Courier Bag Machine

The bag making machine is mainly composed of feeding device, heat sealing device, bag making device, receiving device, control system and other parts.

1. Feed device: it is mainly responsible for sending the plastic film into the machine for processing. It can be fed by electric feeding, pneumatic feeding, manual feeding and other ways.

2. Thermal sealing device: This part is mainly responsible for heating the drum and the thermal sealing of the plastic film into the desired shape. It is usually heated by high frequency or hot melting.

3. Bag making device: It is mainly responsible for cutting the hot sealed plastic film to make the shape of the bag. Mechanical cutting or thermal cutting is generally used for cutting.

4. Collecting device: it is mainly responsible for the production of plastic bags, generally using automatic collection or manual collection.

5. Control system: This part is the core control part of the whole machine, which can set various parameters and operation control for the whole machine.

Operating Steps
Operating Steps of Courier Bag Machine


1. Check whether the voltage supply of the machine meets the requirements of the machine.

2. Ensure that the machine is placed in a stable and flat place.

3. Install the required mold and cutter according to the bag specifications.

Material loading

1. Install the rolled film material on the roll frame of the machine.

2. Adjust the tension of the membrane material to ensure the suitable material supply.

Machine settings

1. Set the machine parameters according to the bag specifications, including the bag size, sealing temperature and sealing time.

2. Calibrate the sensors of the machine to ensure accurate bag cutting and sealing.

Bag making

1. Start the machine and feed the film material into the forming device.

2. The forming device forms the shape of the bag, and the sealing device seals the side of the bag.

3. Cutting knife Cut the bag into the desired size.

Finished product collection

1. The finished bag will be transported to the receiving area.

2. Take the finished bag from the receiving area and stack it for subsequent processing.


1. Clean the machine regularly to remove any debris or dust.

2. Oil the moving parts of the machine to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

3. Check the wear of the mold and the cutter, and replace them if necessary.

Applications of Courier Bag Making Machine

Courier and Delivery Services: The primary application of a courier bag making machine is in the production of bags used for packaging and shipping parcels, documents, and other items by courier and delivery companies. These bags are designed to be durable, tear-resistant, and tamper-evident, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of goods.

E-commerce Packaging: With the rise of e-commerce, there is a growing demand for packaging solutions to ship products purchased online. Courier bags produced by the machine are widely used by e-commerce companies for packaging orders, offering convenience, security, and branding opportunities.

Retail Packaging: Retailers use courier bags for packaging and shipping merchandise to customers, particularly for online orders or mail-order catalogs. The bags can be customized with branding, logos, or promotional messages to enhance the retail brand's visibility and appeal.

Document Handling: Courier bags are commonly used for transporting confidential documents, contracts, legal papers, and sensitive information between businesses, government agencies, and individuals. The bags provide security and confidentiality during transit.

Banking and Financial Services: Banks and financial institutions utilize courier bags for transporting cash, checks, financial documents, and valuable items securely between branches, ATM replenishment centers, and central processing facilities.

Medical and Healthcare: Courier bags with specialized features such as tamper-evident seals and biohazard warnings are used in the healthcare industry for transporting medical specimens, diagnostic samples, pharmaceutical supplies, and sensitive medical records between healthcare facilities, laboratories, and patients.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Industries regulated by specific shipping and handling standards, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and hazardous materials, require specialized courier bags that comply with regulatory requirements for labeling, containment, and transportation of goods.

Customized Packaging Solutions: The flexibility of a courier bag making machine allows for the production of customized bags tailored to specific requirements, including size, thickness, printing, and features such as adhesive seals, tear strips, and document pouches.

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