Packaging Machine Spare Parts

Packaging Machine Spare Parts

Spare Parts comprise a wide range of essential components necessary for the maintenance and repair of machinery. These components include devices like Corona Treaters for surface treatment, Heaters for providing heat, Screws as basic mechanical parts, Air Rings used in film blowing, Temperature Controllers for regulating temperature, Extruder Filters for filtering impurities, Thermocouples for temperature measurement, Speed Controllers for adjusting machine speed, Photoelectric Switches as light sensors, Pelletizer Knives for cutting in pelletizing, and Solid State Relays for electronic switching.

Spare Parts Series

  • Corona Treater

    Corona Treater

    1. Power is big.2. Not false mark.3. Quality assurance.4. Support customization.5. Factory direct sale.
  • Machine Heater

    Machine Heater

    1. Simple structure, small size and light weight.2. Heating evenly, regulated and stable.3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance.4. Support customization.
  • Extruder Screw

    Extruder Screw

    1. High hardness, no deformation.2. Not easy to rust.3. Wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.4. Silk rod smooth.5. To sample custom.
  • Die Head

    Die Head

    1. The internal pressure is large and squeezed out.2. Stable and uniform, good film strength performance.3. No gap and the unit extruder matching well.
  • Air Ring

    Air Ring

    1. Support customization.2. Strong quality control.3. Suitable for all types of film blower.4. Spirical head head high and low pressure single tuyere double tuyere blowing film.
  • Temperature Controller

    Temperature Controller

    1. Good visibility.2. Stable temperature control, safe and durable.3. Set the alarm range in the full range freely.4. Flexible in maintenance and easy to operate.
  • Extruder Filter

    Extruder Filter

    1. High-temperature resistance, stable physical performance.2. Wear well.
  • Thermocouple


    1.U-shaped terminal,excellent probe material,quality assurance. 2.Shielded wire,stainless steel woven net material,safe and durable. 3.The wire can be used in the environment for a long time with good mechanical properties.
  • Speed Controller

    Speed Controller

    1. High speed adjustment accuracy. 2. With the photoelectric switch to achieve long-distance control. 3. With overcurrent protection device makes performance more reliable. 4. The soft starting device eliminates the motor starting current is too large. 5. The voltage-negative feedback technique is introduced to make the speed more stable.
  • Photoelectric Switch

    Photoelectric Switch

    1. Short-circuit protection.2. Overload protection.3. Inverse polar protection.
  • Blown Film Suction Machine

    Blown Film Suction Machine

    1. The vacuum hopper separation feeder main engine and the hopper separation, convenient and safe operation.Automatic suction material is stable without manual lifting. 2. High engine speed, large air volume, small volume, easy movement, convenient installation. 3. Independent filter net, easy to clean. 4. The hopper is made of stainless steel to ensure that the raw materials are not contaminated during transportation. 5. Microcomputer operation control program, with overload, out of stock alarm function.
  • Mixing Machine

    Mixing Machine

    1. There are push-button panels on the side.2. Easy to clean up.3. Stainless steel material.4. Stir quickly.5. Support customization.6. Wear well.
  • Solid State Relay

    Solid State Relay

    1. Expand the scope of control.2. Zoom in, control the high-power circuit.3. Integrated signal.

How Does a Photoelectric Switch Contribute to Automation in Plastic Machinery Equipment?

How Does a Photoelectric Switch Contribute to Automation in Plastic Machinery Equipment?

1. Object detection: The photoelectric switch can detect the presence or absence of objects in the processing line. It provides inputs to the control system, allowing the equipment to automatically initiate or stop specific processes based on the presence or absence of objects. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in the operation.

2. Position control: Photoelectric switches can also precisely detect the position of objects, such as the position of the plastic material or moving parts. This information can be used to regulate the speed or timing of different processes, ensuring accurate positioning and alignment. This contributes to the precise and consistent production of plastic components or products.

3. Quality control: The photoelectric switch can be used to monitor the quality of the plastic material or the finished product. By detecting certain characteristics or defects, such as color, transparency, or shape, the switch can trigger alarms or corrective actions. This helps in maintaining consistent product quality and prevents defective items from entering the production flow.


FAQS of Spare Parts

How does a Corona Treater work in plastic machinery equipment?

A Corona Treater works by applying a high-voltage electric discharge to the surface of plastic materials. This discharge alters the surface energy, enhancing the adhesion of inks, coatings, or adhesives to the plastic substrate.

What are the main applications of a Heater in plastic machinery equipment?

A Heater is commonly used in plastic machinery equipment for processes such as extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding. It provides the necessary heat to melt and shape the plastic material.

What role does a Screw play in plastic extruders?

In plastic extruders, a Screw is responsible for feeding, melting, and conveying the plastic material. It helps in achieving uniform melt and pressure buildup for shaping or processing.

How does a Die Head work in plastic machinery equipment?

A Die Head in plastic machinery equipment shapes the plastic material into the desired form. It controls the flow and distribution of the molten plastic, allowing for precise shaping and sizing of the extruded product.

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