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automatic carry bag making machine
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Garment Bag Making Machine

Garment bag making machine is suitable for high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and poly propylene (PP) plastic film sealing, is the production of plastic film hanging bags, flat pockets, vest bags ideal equipment.

Garment bag making machine is suitable for making high and low pressure vest bag (supermarket handbag), flat pocket (clothing bag, shoe bag), medical disposable packaging bags, sanitary napkin bags, etc. (production point broken garbage bags can be added and point knife).

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Features of Garment Bag Making Machine

Features of Garment Bag Making Machine
  • Computer automatic control, automatic counting and can set the counting alarm, high efficiency, save manpower and time;

  • From the rolled film to the finished bag, it is fully automatic one-time completion;

  • Servo motor fixed length, photoelectric tracking, accurate, stable, feeding using photoelectric control;

  • Adopt hot sealing and cold cutting device, intelligent temperature control system to make the bag mouth sealing firmly and smooth;

  • The main engine adopts the frequency converter to control the speed regulation.

Specification of Garment Bag Making Machine

Effective cut width


Effective slope length


Effective cut length


Effective cutting thickness


Mechanical speed


Cutting accuracy


The power of the machine


The weight of the machine


External size


Applications of Garment Bag Making Machine

Apparel Manufacturing: Garment bag making machines are used in apparel manufacturing facilities to produce protective bags for storing and transporting clothing items. These bags help prevent damage to garments during shipping and storage, ensuring they reach customers in pristine condition.

Retail Industry: Retailers utilize garment bags to package and present clothing items to customers, especially for high-end or delicate garments such as suits, dresses, and formal wear. These bags can enhance the presentation of products and provide a professional touch to the shopping experience.

Fashion Shows and Events: During fashion shows, exhibitions, and events, garment bags are essential for transporting designer clothing, costumes, and wardrobe items between venues. These bags protect garments from wrinkles, dust, and damage while in transit, ensuring they look their best on the runway or display.

Textile Storage and Organization: Garment bags are commonly used in textile storage facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers to organize and protect clothing inventory. They help streamline inventory management processes and prevent garments from becoming soiled, torn, or misplaced.

Uniform and Workwear Suppliers: Companies that supply uniforms, workwear, and uniforms for various industries rely on garment bags to package and deliver these items to their clients. The bags help maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the garments during transit and storage.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services: Garment bags play a crucial role in the dry cleaning and laundry industry by protecting freshly cleaned clothing items from dust, moisture, and environmental contaminants. They also help keep garments organized and separate during transportation.

Travel and Luggage Industry: Garment bags are popular among travelers for storing and transporting clothing items during trips. They offer a convenient and lightweight solution for carrying suits, dresses, and other garments without the risk of wrinkling or damage.

Customized Packaging Solutions: Garment bag making machines can produce bags in various sizes, materials, and designs to meet the specific requirements of customers. This customization capability allows for the creation of branded bags with logos, labels, or promotional messages.

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