Meet 100% of Your Needs to Do Your Own Film Blowing Machine
Discover the difference with GuoLian's high-quality film blowing machines. Engineered for excel-lence, our machines offer superior performance, durability, and precision, ensuring you achieve thebest results in your plastic film production.
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Film Category or Machine Performance Customization
Unlock your business potential with GuoLian’s tailored plastic machinery solutions. We understand your unique needs and offer customized, high-performance machinery that enhances productivity and drives your business towards success.
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We Provide the Best Solutions for Our Customers
The Film Blowing Machine by GuoLian is a high-performance equipment designed for precision and efficiency. It's engineered to produce superior quality plastic films, ensuring optimal productivity and reliability in your manufacturing process.
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Film Blowing Machine
Bag Making Machine
Our bag making machine is a state-of-the-art solution for efficient bag production. Designed for high-speed operation and precision, it ensures consistent quality, boosting your productivity and meeting your business's diverse needs.
Plastic Recycling Machine
A robust and efficient solution for waste management. It transforms plastic waste into reusable material, promoting sustainability while ensuring high-quality output and maximum productivity in your operations.
Printing Machine
Experience precision and efficiency with GuoLian's Printing Machine. Designed for high-quality output, it offers superior printing capabilities on various materials, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting results that elevate your production standards.
Spare Parts
Spare parts encompass a variety of crucial elements required for machinery upkeep and repair. These include Corona Treaters, Heaters, Screws, Air Rings, Temperature Controllers, Extruder Filters, Thermocouples, Speed Controllers, Photoelectric Switches, Pelletizer Knives, and Solid State Relays, each serving a unique purpose in different machinery operations.
We manufacture varies kinds of plastic bag making line. The applications of the finished products nowadays are more and more and touch a wide variety of fields and industries. From packaging in the food industry to civil and industrial roofing, civil engineering, automotive, medical and healthcare applications, we always keep an eye toward the future and sustainability. Discover all the applications.
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Guolian Machinery is a manufacturer specialized in production of flexible packaging machinery who has the most experience on supplying complete plastic bags making plants. Our products are blown film machine, bags-making machine, flexographic printing machine, laminating machine, and plastic waste recycle machine.

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, we develop and build unique tailor made solutions to meet our customers, needs precisely and support them from engineering to installation and after sales.

Our company's reputation and supply quality have enabled us to sell our products in more than 20 overseas markets. We highly value building long-term relationships with our customers. We do not only guarantee products quality and best prices, but also excellent after-sales services. Our customers can rely on us being a one-stop supplier for all their requirements.

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Why Choose Guolian Machinery?
packaging machine company service
packaging machine company service

Professional sales personnel introduce machine product knowledge, application and precautions. After-sales service technicians and sales personnel guide the operation and precautions of the machine one-on-one. If necessary, engineers can be sent to foreign customer factories for on-site training and guidance.

packaging machine quality
packaging machine quality

The systems we develop, however simple their design, require great consistency from all parties. The requirement for quality imposed on our different partners can be seen in our internal assembly processes. We procure our goods from suppliers who can guarantee the highest reliability and precision and the longest life. That means that our customers can count on the results expected from finished products.

packing machine certificates
packing machine certificates

GUOLIAN machinery has over 20 years of experience in mechanical design and manufacturing, has passed CE, ISO9001 international quality system certification and obtained the license of import and export.

experienced packaging machine supplier
experienced packaging machine supplier

Guolian has been working closely with plastic producers around the world and has established itself as a premium brand that offers reliable and high performing machines in the market.

We design our machines to be simple and focus on what’s most important for plastic producers who are looking for an easy and stable operation.

  • Characteristics of the Film Blowing Machine Screw
    The screw of the film blowing machine has several notable features. It has a high length-to-diameter ratio, which ensures a strong plasticizing capacity. The machine also has an even temperature distr...
  • The Function of Plastic Wrap of Film Blowing Machine
    The film blowing machine produces a unique plastic film using advanced technology, which helps prolong the life of fruits and vegetables. This plastic wrap is made from a nearly transparent nylon film...
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Provide One-Stop Service for Flexible Plastic Packaging Machinery