The Function of Plastic Wrap of Film Blowing Machine

The film blowing machine produces a unique plastic film using advanced technology, which helps prolong the life of fruits and vegetables. This plastic wrap is made from a nearly transparent nylon film produced by a semi-packaging machine. The film has excellent water permeability and is filled with a certain amount of syrup, which is gently wrapped around the item.

This film is environmentally friendly and harmless. It also has strong water permeability, allowing it to absorb the juice from fruits and vegetables, thereby preserving them. This special raw material requires a film blowing machine with high-end traction and wire drawing capabilities to ensure the product film is both tough and breathable.

Food packaging is the most common use for this film. The high-quality film produced by the film blowing machine can also be used for product packaging promotion, enhancing the commercial value of the product.

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In today's evolving landscape, the traditional production methods of film blowing machines, characterized by high energy consumption and pollution, are no longer sustainable. If the film blowing machine industry does not optimize its structure and pursue technological innovation in line with market developments, it risks being phased out by the market.