Energy Saving Advantages of Film Blowing Machines

As we progress towards new industrialization, there is a growing demand in both domestic and international markets for highly intelligent and automated film blowing machines. Such advanced machinery can not only enhance production efficiency but also reduce manual labor and cut labor costs.

The integration of this intelligent mode allows the film blowing machine to have a sensing and temperature control perception coefficient, enabling it to operate automatically, boost efficiency, and provide a preventive detection function. Unlike mesh cloth, the processing procedure of a film blowing machine is quite complex. However, thanks to the research and development efforts of scientists, an energy-efficient and eco-friendly high-frequency heating system has been produced. This system has a high heating efficiency and can fully showcase its energy-saving benefits, saving plastic processing enterprises a significant amount in electricity costs.

The energy-saving aspect of the film blowing machine can be split into two sections: the power section and the heating section.

Power section energy saving: This is primarily achieved through the use of inverters, which save the motor's residual energy. For instance, if the motor's actual power is 50Hz, but you only need 30Hz for production, the excess energy consumption is wasted. The inverter modifies the motor's power output to achieve an energy-saving effect.