Main Features of Three-layer Co-extrusion Film Blowing Machine

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  1. The latest extrusion technology offers high output (increasing production capacity by over 30%) and excellent plasticizing performance.

  2. The new technology center feed screw die head has a compact structure, allows for quick formula changes, and saves raw materials.

  3. The IBC bubble inner cooling device not only boosts output and conserves energy but also enhances the quality of film products.

  4. The horizontal film rotary traction system significantly improves the quality of the film roll, eliminates the flanging phenomenon, and is suitable for high-speed printing and composite process processing.

  5. The automatic double-station winder comes with automatic coil change, film cutting, and meter recording functions.

  6. The precision double tuyere negative pressure air ring is included.

  7. The rack's surface is treated with advanced baking paint technology, giving it a beautiful and generous appearance.

  8. The equipment has a long lifespan and excellent rust resistance.

  9. The film blowing equipment prioritizes economy, high production capacity, and low energy consumption.

  10. Given its cost-effectiveness, it is the ideal choice for our customers.