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Tissue Bag Making Machine

Tissue bag making machine is a machine specially used for making toilet paper bag. The length and width of the bag can be adjusted and customized. Two circular holes are made on the bag for convenient use and carrying.

Features of Tissue Bag Making Machine

Features of Tissue Bag Making Machine

The bag making machine is a machine that integrates multiple functions, and its role is mainly to cut, shape, seal, bag making and other processes, so as to make bags of various specifications and shapes. Bag making machine is widely used in the production and packaging of bagged products in food, medicine, cosmetics, toys, department stores and other industries, providing important technical support for the production and packaging work of related industries.

Specification of Tissue Bag Making Machine

Model NumberGL- 1300
Solid State RelayImport Taiwan China Yangming
Button  SwitchImport  of  the  French  Schneider
Midget  RelayImport of Japan's Omron
Any Power-generating or Power-driven Machine1.5KW., Shanghai Lip
Frequency Conversion1.5KW. Driver
ComputerHuihuang-HHGKLCD Touch Screen
Service PlatformAluminum Alloy Balance Adjustment Structure, Smooth Smooth Surface
Hot Knife1300 mm Pure Copper Knife Flat Mouth Double Hot Knife Stainless Steel Heating
Slicer1300mm Double-alloy Steel Knife
Feed Motor400w ×1
Stepper Motor350 A, Jiangsu Province
Air SwitchIs tai
Before and After the Glue StickTough, Wear-resistant and High-temperature Silicone-resistant Silica Gel
Machine  KeelWelding of 1500 mm Slot Steel
Cut Width1200 mm
Longmen Perforator1 PCS
Cut  Widthvalid 300*1mm
Seal Cut Length15-1500mm
Bag Making Speed80 -100 pcs/min ( Single-channel speed)
Machine WeightAbout 750KG
Body SizeApproximately  ( length,  width and height)3000mm×1500mm×1700mm
Automatic follow-color-and
Spring40 Roots
Oil Gun1box
Frequency Conversion Instruction Manual1box
Computer Instructions1box
Inside the hexagonalApproximately ( length,  width and height) 2800mm 1300mm 1700mm
Computer hot seal cold cutting bag machine is mainly used for printed, flat pockets; the main motor  uses frequency conversion motor, energy saving and production efficiency, speed control more   freely. Good performance of the color mark tracking instrument, make the sealing length more accurate, less error. Using an advanced computer, the length adjustment is convenient and accurate.
What must be offered by userFixing the place of machine installation
Air compressor etc

Video of Tissue Bag Making Machine

Video of Tissue Bag Making Machine
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