What Can I Do If Machine Stop?

You can call us or video call, we will arrnage our engineer to check what is the problem you meet, if the spare parts or something broken, in the warrenty times, we offer free.

How Long Can Your Machine Work Continuously?

Our machines can work 24 hours a day without stopping, which not only increases production but also saves energy.

What Is The Shipping Time?

Around 15-30 days, depend on different model.

Do You Have CE Certificate?


What Is Your After Sale Service?

We offer customer a lifetime service.

How to get the machine?

First, send us the details of the machine you need to us, after communicating with us, you can quickly obtain machine quotation and machine video through our analysis; then confirm whether you need to visit the factory, tell us your visit schedule, and choose whether we can arrange accommodation and transportation schedule for you; then we will go to the factory with you and work as an assistant to record your meetings for you. Finally, after waiting for the completion of the machine, we will conduct the quality inspection through the live video and detailed pictures, and we will arrange the transportation as soon as possible.

How Long Does the Product Production Cycle Take?

Production cycle is at least one month.

Due to the Different Time Difference, How Long Does the Elimination Treatment Take?

If you need it, we will reply in time.

Is It a Trading Company?

Yes, but we have our own factory, welcome to visit.

Too High a Price?

Our price is very cost-effective, and the product quality is very guaranteed.

Can the Delivery Be Made in Time?

Of course.