Old Plastics Should be Recycled Properly

A PE film blowing machine primarily consists of an extruder, machine head, die head, cooling device, stable bubble frame, hermitage plate, traction roller, and winding device. It's suitable for blowing high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and linear low-density plastic film. These films are extensively used in the internal and external packaging of various civil and industrial products, including food, clothing, textiles, bacterial cultures, fruits, and daily necessities.

The plastic industry should responsibly recycle used plastics. Recycling these materials can minimize resource wastage, somewhat alleviate resource scarcity, and lessen the environmental damage caused by plastics. It can also yield societal benefits, create jobs, and enhance urban safety. Recycling used plastics is a step towards developing new renewable energy in China, promoting technological advancement, and using innovative technology to repurpose old materials into new energy sources.