Disadvantages of the Traditional Roll Changing Mechanism of Film Blowing Machines

The conventional winding mechanism of the film blowing machine consists of a turntable device, a length measuring device, and a double-station winding machine, among other components. Allow me to highlight the drawbacks of this traditional volume change mechanism:

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1. The process of changing the coil is labor-intensive: When the winding is complete, an alarm is triggered. One person then manually rotates the coil changing handle to move the inflatable shaft on the turntable to the standby area. Simultaneously, two people transport the full coil to the bending area, and then manually sever the film. This entire process requires the efforts of three individuals.

2. When dividing into multiple films (more than three films on one side) or changing to a smaller film roll, more people are needed to complete the task. Inexperienced or incorrect operation can easily lead to waste.