Why Does the Film Blown out by the Film Blowing Machine Have a Peculiar Smell?

A film blowing machine is a device that transforms plastic granules into a film by melting and blowing them.

This machine is ideal for creating high-quality film packaging for various applications. The film produced by this machine is versatile and can be used for both light and heavy packaging due to its excellent barrier properties, ability to preserve freshness, moisture resistance, frost protection, oxygen proofing, and oil resistance. It is suitable for packaging a wide range of items, including fresh fruits, meats, pickled foods, fresh milk, liquid beverages, and medical supplies.

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So, what could be the cause if the film produced by the film blowing machine has a smell? Let me explain:

① The resin raw material used may have an inherent smell;

② The temperature at which the resin is melted and extruded may be too high, causing the resin to decompose and produce a smell;

③ The film bubble may not be adequately cooled, and the hot air trapped within it may not be fully expelled.

Have you identified the potential issue? Here are some solutions:

Solutions: ① Change the resin raw material; ② Adjust the temperature of the extrusion process; ③ Enhance the cooling efficiency of the cooling wind ring to ensure the film bubble is thoroughly cooled.