On October 15, 2023, esteemed clients from South Africa graced our factory with their presence, aiming to acquaint themselves with the developmental trends of biodegradable materials in China and to contemplate the acquisition of a biodegradable film blowing machine. We extended a warm welcome to our guests, eager to share our expertise and experience in the realm of biodegradable materials with them.

Biodegradable materials are substances that can rapidly decompose in the natural environment, making them environmentally friendly. With the global rise in environmental awareness, the application of biodegradable materials in the packaging industry has become increasingly widespread. As a major producer and user of biodegradable materials, China has accumulated a wealth of experience and technology in this field.

During the visit of our South African clients, we introduced them to the development trends of biodegradable materials in China. We discussed the crucial role of biodegradable materials in reducing plastic pollution and promoting sustainable development. We also shared China’s achievements and progress in the research, production, and application of biodegradable materials, including the types of materials, their performance characteristics, and related policies and regulations.

At the same time, we gained insights into the economic situation and environmental protection needs of the South African region. Through in-depth exchanges, we learned about the South African government’s commitment to environmental protection and the market demand for biodegradable materials. Based on the clients’ needs, we recommended models of biodegradable film blowing machines suitable for the South African market and provided detailed information on the machines’ performance and advantages.

Our biodegradable film blowing machine incorporates advanced technology and equipment, enabling the efficient production of biodegradable films. Our machines are characterized by stable performance, high-quality product output, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly features. We also offer comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that our clients receive timely technical support and maintenance during the use of our machines.


Through our interactions and understanding of our clients’ needs, we believe that our biodegradable film blowing machine can meet the demands of the South African market and contribute to local environmental protection efforts. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with our clients, jointly promoting the development of biodegradable materials in South Africa, and contributing to the global environmental protection cause.

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