On the 10th of January, 2024, clients from Indonesia, bearing samples of T-Shirt Bags, graced our company with their presence to discuss procurement. They expressed a willingness to place orders with us, a gesture that filled us with immense joy for their trust and the opportunity to collaborate.

As a company specializing in the provision of complete equipment solutions, our machinery is adept at meeting the demands of large-scale production with efficiency. We offer meticulous control over the dimensions of the bags, tailoring them to the specific requirements of our clients. T-Shirt Bags, a globally prevalent product, are well within the production capabilities of our equipment.

Our arsenal includes the HDPE blow molding machine, a thermal sealing and cutting machine (500x2), and a two-color gravure printing machine. The HDPE blow molding machine transforms high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pellets into film through the blow molding process, supplying material for subsequent bag fabrication. The thermal sealing and cutting machine (500x2) shapes this film into T-Shirt Bags through heat sealing and cutting. Meanwhile, the two-color gravure printing machine allows for the addition of personalized features through printing on the T-Shirt Bags.

Our T-Shirt bags making machine boasts a production capacity of approximately 220 T-Shirt Bags per minute, highlighting its remarkable efficiency. Moreover, our equipment is versatile, enabling the adjustment of bag sizes according to client specifications and offering customization to meet diverse, individualized needs.

During the visit of our clients, our engineers engaged in technical exchanges and learning sessions. We shared our technical expertise and production processes while attentively listening to the clients’ needs and feedback. This exchange deepened our mutual understanding and fostered a closer collaborative relationship.

We are confident that with the support of our efficient equipment and professional team, our clients from Indonesia will receive high-quality T-Shirt Bag products that meet their production requirements. We look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration that contributes significantly to the development of the global T-Shirt Bag market.

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